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By the pass of time composition of the skin progressively changes leading to the advent of wrinkles, ptosis and loss of volume. Posing against that undesired for many procedure, aesthetic dermatology, progresses more and more (as the years go by) in non-surgical or at least limited-surgical lifting techniques and for the elimination of relaxation. Lifting with PDO threads belongs in the least surgical techniques and it is the most widespread, popular and safe method for obtaining the desired result of lifting bloodlessly and painlessly.

PDO threads are surgical 100% bioabsorbant sutures which are being used under safety for many years in the medical sector. They are being manufactured by a composite material - polydiaxanone and they are being inserted to the skin without incision and with the help of one particularly slim needle. They are being installed intradermally in such a manner that they form α grid that lifts and supports the tissues of the face or the body. As a result of those tiny wounds, certain natural skin reconstruction mechanisms are being activated, resulting in composition of collagen and elastine. Collagen is also produced as a result of the inflamation of the skin because of the use of the needle something that reinforces the spectacular result of the therapy. After the optimisation of collagen generation to whole duration of results mau reach up to two years.

At diesse we provide you with advanced training on mesotherapy.

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