Septskin Liquid
Septskin Liquid

Broad spectrum mild cleansing liquid with antiseptic ingredients, for daily use (170ml)

a product of Greece 

[1] Septskin Liquid
  • Suitability

    • Cleansing of skin, scalp and preventative
      hygiene of sensitive area
    • Providing mild cleansing
    • Protecting from irritation and dry skin
    • Inhibiting microorganisms growth
    • Acting for emollience and moisturizing
    • all skin types
    • Adults, children and elderly
    • Having pH 5-5,5 compatible with the pH of the skin
    • Used during pregnancy and by people suffering from thyroid

  • Features

    • Octenidine
    • Piroctone Olamine
    • Glycerin
    Parabens free, Free of artificial colours, Allergen free fragrance

  • Results

    • antibacterial and antifungal action
    • holds moisture to the skin. It offers rich hydration and acts
      against dryness
    • exhibits a broad spectrum of antimicrobial efficacy against Gram-positive and
      Gram-negative bacteria and fungi

  • Packaging
    one lotion container @ 170ml

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