Revitafill Xtra4
Revitafill Xtra4

Absorbable skin implant.

a product of France 

[1] Revitafill Xtra4 2x1ml
  • Suitability
    Revitafill Xtra 4 is a monophasic dermal filler used to reduce the signs of aging by treating the deepest wrinkles and restoring lost volume. The filler is highly cohersive and contains the highest amount of cross-linking in the range, which makes it ideal for treating cheeks, chin or deep nasolabial folds.

    Revitafill Xtra 4 is injected into the subcutaneous and deep skin layers, where it increases skin hydration, restore lost volume and leaves the skin moisturized with natural results.

    The revolutionary filler has a unique formula based on hyaluronic acid and amino acids,
    which gives the filler essentials qualities like viscoelasticity, homogeneity and cohersivity.
    The combination of HA and the two amino acids, Clycine and Proline, helps to preserve the skin quality,
    modify the soft skin tissue and provide natural fullness.
    Furthermore, it provides the tissue with necessary hydration, supports the skins own collagen production and helps the tissue repairing process.

  • Features

    • 24mg/ml Hyaluronic acid concentration
    • Amino acids: Glycine and Proline
    • Density / Crosslinking: High

  • Results

    How long does the result last for? Revitafill Xtra 4 provides long-lasting and natural results.
    The results may vary individually depending on the patient’s age, the degree of wrinkles and the quality of the skin.

    • Indicated to treat deep wrinkles and create volume in the cheeks and chin.
    • Supports collagen synthesis
    • Increases skin hydration
    • Highly cohesive due to its high density
    • Injection: Subcutaneous and deep skin layers

  • Packaging

    2 x 1ml syringes with 25G x 16mm needle

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