Revitafill Xtra2
Revitafill Xtra2

Absorbable skin implant.

a product of France 

[1] Revitafill Xtra2 2x1ml
  • Suitability
    Revitafill Xtra 2 is a revolutionary dermal filler indicated for the lips. The filler is specifically designed with a low density, making the filler a great solution for contouring and restoring volume in the lips.
    Furthermore, the filler can be used to correct superficial wrinkles. It is based on a perfect combination of hyaluronic acid and the amino acids Glycine and Proline. The amino acids provides the filler with unique properties like long-lasting hydration, volume restoration and improved collagen synthesis.
    In addition, the combination helps to preserve the skin quality, modify the soft skin tissue and provide natural fullness to the lips.

  • Features

    • 22mg/ml Hyaluronic acid concentration
    • Amino acids: Glycine and Proline
    • Density / Crosslinking: Low

  • Results

    Revitafill Xtra 2 provides long-lasting and natural results. The results may vary individually depending on the patient’s age, the degree of wrinkles and the quality of the skin.

    • Indicated for the lips and fine wrinkles
    • Supports collagen synthesis
    • Increases skin hydration
    • Natural results
  • Packaging

    2 x 1ml syringes with 27G x 13mm needle

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