Cytocare 532
Cytocare 532

Highly efficient solution for hydration of the skin and prevention - correction of aging effect.

a product of France 

[1] Revitacare Cytocare 532 Vial Box 10vl x 5ml
  • Suitability
    The skin rejuvenating booster Cytocare is the solution for all ages for the revitalization and
    hydration of the skin, the prevention and correction of aging effect.

  • Features
    Hyaluronic Acid (32 mg) + Rejuvenating Complex CT50

  • Results

    • Corrects skin aging process
    • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
    • Restores hydration, tonicity and elasticity of the skin
    • Improves radiance

  • Packaging
    box of 10 vials x 5ml

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