To correct the shape of the silhouette, to reduce subcutaneous fatty deposits and the appearance of orange peel.

a product of France 

[1] Revitacare Cellucare Vial Box 10vl x 5ml
  • Suitability
    Cases of increased fat storage, presence of cellulite,
    microcirculation problems and drainage, cutaneous tissue appearance.

  • Features
    Hyaluronic acid (non cross-linked) + Caffeine & Micronutrients
    (High reducing cellulite complex).

  • Results

    • Fat storage areas are reduced.
    • Patients can feel and intense smoothing effect;
      'Orange peel' visibly fades away.
    • The outline of the silhouette is redrawn.

  • Packaging
    box of 10 vials x 5ml

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