Mesotherapy needles (various diameters and lengths).

a product of Italy 

[1] Needles 31G (4mm) [code: needle-31G-04-v]
[2] Needles 31G (12mm) [code: needle-31G-12-v]
[3] Needles 31G (6mm) [code: needle-31G-06-v]
[4] Needles 30G (12mm) [code: needle-30G-12-v]
[5] Needles 32G (12mm) [code: needle-32G-12-v]
[6] Needles 32G (4mm) [code: needle-32G-04-v]
  • Suitability
    Designed and built for mesotherapy treatment.

  • Features
    Sterilized (EtO), one use, disposable needles.

  • Results

    • Safety as the needle units are sterilized and contained in separate sterilized blisters.
    • Flexibility in practiced syringe device in use. The use of Luer type cone with lock feature allows
      connectivity with both standard syringes and multi injector devices
    • Variety of different gauges, lengths and shapes for each and different technique applied

  • Packaging
    box of 100 needles

At diesse we provide you with advanced training on needles.

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