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About Marllor


Marllor International Ltd. is young, born in 2007 and fiercely projected in the future. The company, in these few years has seen a rapid growth, carving out a respectable position in the international medical scener. The company has an organizational structure that is involved in the design of theoretical and practical courses, workshops and events aimed at medical staff, particularly in the area of injection techniques and instrumental in aesthetic medicine. Marllor International is recognized for its customer-driven approach fully, organize its own priorities, guided by an awareness of what are the expectations and needs of the latter. This view assumes a particular innovation in the corporate system in the configuration of the definition of strategies, organization, technology, processes and management of human resources. Marllor International now boasts 100 employees and is present in 5 countries


Produced in collaboration with Italian and European companies, according to a high standard, devices and aids with the most advanced industrial technologies supported by the certifications required to attest to the high quality of production and raw materials.


Marllor International allows its employees to recognize the organizational values ​​and business promoting a sense of belonging and affiliation. Marllor International bases its ethics on the cardinal principles of respecting the laws and regulations, which must therefore engage each employee. This commitment must also apply to suppliers, customers and anyone else related to the company.


Marllor International aims to become the next year a reference point for the rational development of medical protocols and ad hoc applications for medicine and cosmetic surgery in the world. The search for Marllor Int is in fact designed to open new and more advanced technical and application scenarios in the field of medical sciences aimed at the improvement in body and well-being through exploration and scientific cooperation with scientists of international primary level.Today the company to gather and evaluate ideas, proposals, scientific innovation, cooperation and joint venture at national and international levels.Our vison provides clear criteria for the "decision making", becomes the projection of a future scenario that reflects the ideals, values ​​and aspirations of those who determine the objectives and encourages all those involved in the action of company.

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