Mono Threads
Mono Threads

Mono type PDO medical thread with needle

a product of South Korea 

[1] Mono Threads 29G (025 mm) [code: mono-29G-025-gp0-v]
[2] Mono Threads 29G (038 mm) [code: mono-29G-038-gp0-v]
[3] Mono Threads 29G (050 mm) [code: mono-29G-050-gp0-v]
[4] Mono Threads 26G (050 mm) [code: mono-26G-050-gp0-v]
[5] Mono Threads 26G (060 mm) [code: mono-26G-060-gp0-v]
[6] Mono Thread 26G (090 mm) [code: mono-26G-090-gp0-v]
  • Suitability
    Cases of unwanted wrinkle, cellulite, fat concentration, skin over-relaxation.
    Treated to patients:

    • over the age of 35
    • after sudden loss of weight
    • after pregnancy
    • with photoaged skins
    • with genetically slim (transparent) skin

  • Features
    Sterile Polydioxanone(PDO) Suture with needle,
    100% surgical bioresorbable medical thread material made of protein that is
    totally biodegradable and biocompatible.

  • Results

    • technique is trustworthy and long term
    • immediate, easy, painless and safe short scale operation
    • no scars or marks left behind
    • cost efficient comparing to the outcome
    • short recovery time

  • Packaging
    sacket of 20 threads

At diesse we provide you with advanced training on threads.

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